Industrial automation


To complement the range of connectors, REC offers an extensive series of AccessoriesES to complete the product, such as cable clamps and contacts, or those which are essential for assembly operations, of the connector itself and its integration to the cable harness (tools to remove or crimp the contacts for example).

Amphenol Contacts M23-M40 series
Amphenol Extraction Tools M23-M40 series
Amphenol Crimp Tools M23-M40 series
Amphenol_EGM-PHM backshell (MIL-C-5015 and MIL-C-26482)
Amphenol_ M23-M40 series (Cord Grips)
Amphenol_M23-M40 series (Flex Grips)
Encitech_RJ45 Strain Relief Boots
Encitech_RJ45 plug dust cover
Encitech_Crimp Tool for contacts
Encitech_Crimp Tool for ferrule
Encitech_Cutter for plastic grommet
For this products PDF technical sheet is available Pls ask HERE
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