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REC offers EMI-RF hoods for protection from electromagnetic interferences with its own line of products and through the distribution of INOTEC or Encitech hoods.
They are all either full-metal or metal coated plastic options, INOTEC offers very high quality solutions entirely in metal, our solutions, along with Encitech, offer a great price/quality ratio, intended for applications involving higher production volumes

Inotec_metal hoods M1 series (standard)
Inotec_metal hoods M2 series (vertically extended)
Inotec_metal hoods M3 series (automatic locking system)
Inotec_metal hoods MS series (jack screw locking system)
Inotec_metal hoods MS-2 series (MS vertically extended)
Inotec_metal hoods MSX series (high EMI-RF level and frequency)
Inotec_metal hoods M11-M30 series (piggy-back adapter with cable port)
Inotec_metal hoods MSBS series (BUS applications)
Inotec_metal hoods (special)
Inotec_metal hoods KD series (EMC cable gland)
Encitech_Metalized Hood, angled (with jackscrews)
Encitech_Metalized Hood, Top-Side (snap on locking)
Encitech_Full Metal Hood, straight (crimp style)
Encitech_Full Metal Hood, straight (black)
Encitech_Full Metal Hood, angled (compression insert set)
REC_Metal Hoods (9-15-25-37 positions)
For this products PDF technical sheet is available Pls ask HERE
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