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R.E.C. We speak CONNECTORS !

Founded in 1983, R.E.C. has become a benchmark in the interconnection sphere dedicated to the Industrial Automation, TLC, Avionic and Military sectors.

Sectors of productions

Products compliant with the best known American and European regulations, useable in extreme ambient conditions in self-propelled land vehicles, aircrafts, ships, base stations, etc.
Industrial automation
Extensive product range for the industrial sector, for many years we have been distributing products of leading brands in this field (DDK, Souriau, etc.) in addition to the connectors we produce.
Oil & Gas
Highly technological connectors for use in extreme temperatures, pressure, moisture, etc. in the aerospace, military, geophysical, nuclear and medical sectors.
“A” series Amphenol plastic connectors dedicated to the sectors of agricultural, automotive, military, etc, compatible with standard products currently on the market.
Specific series fully compatible with the standards of the rail sector, in accordance with RoHS directives and the fire resistance and harmful fume emission regulations..
Connectors, cables and Accessorieses of the Helios series of Amphenol, high quality products which offer a comprehensive and reliable solution to produce photovoltaic systems.
IP67/IP68 protection connectors and cable harnesses produced by Chogori, which we represent, that specializes in waterproof connectors for outdoor applications.
Amphenol Alden, a long-standing qualified supplier for this market, develops and produces connectors for numerous applications, in FDA and ISO13485 certified facilities.
Present for many years in the sector of telecommunications, REC distributes products for the field of radiofrequency such as RF coaxial connectors and relevant cable harnesses.
EVS Eletric Vehicle
We provide customizable Jonhon connectors and harnesses to customer needs for different types of electric motor. For information, consult the catalog

Examples of Connectors we produce

R.E.C. RH80 Micro Cable Harnesses
38999 Series
QPL contacts
M series connectors
Mini and Micro Cable harnesses
Multipolar cables
IP cable harnesses – Automation
Customized overmolding cable

We manufacture connectors of any type.
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R.E.C. We speak CONNECTORS !

Interconnection dedicated to the industrial Automation, TLC, Avionic and Military sectors


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