For this kind of connectors we rely on AirBorn which offers four series of products: W (traditional), R (High-Density), M (Micro), N (Nano). The pitch of the contacts ranges from 2.54mm for the W series to 0.63mm for Nano, products which comply with sector regulations, to which a specific military part number has been assigned.
Amphenol and Souriau offer the high performance ARINC series, which are widely configurable in terms of number and type of cavity, assembly style, contacts, inserts, etc., for the avionic sector.
REC proposes its RH80 series, hybrid connectors, including already cabled, with contacts for signal, power and coaxial in a single plastic body, 2mm pitch.

AirBorn_Micro-D series (cabled color coded) MIL-DTL-83513
AirBorn_Micro-D series (hybrid signal + coax) MIL-DTL-83513
AirBorn_Micro-D series (pcb right angle) MIL-DTL-83513
AirBorn_Nano series (receptacle) MIL-32139
AirBorn_Nano series (cabled and pcb type) MIL-32139
AirBorn_R series (right angle PCB) MIL-C-55302
AirBorn_R series (straight PCB, 164 pins) MIL-C-55302
AirBorn_R series (straight receptacle PCB) MIL-C-55302
AirBorn_W series MIL-DTL-55302
AirBorn_W series (right angle PCB) MIL-DTL-55302
AirBorn_W series (right angle receptacle) MIL-DTL-55302
Amphenol_ARINC series
Souriau_ARINC series 600
ouriau_ARINC series 600 with Quadrax contacts
REC RH80 series (power-signal-coax 2mm pitch)
REC RH80 series
REC RH80 series
Carlisle_MIL STD QPL approved contacts
For this products PDF technical sheet is available Pls ask HERE
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