Waterproof connectors

IP67/IP68 connectors by Chogori, which we represent, that specializes in the production of waterproof connectors for outdoor applications such as LED or traditional lighting, the warning displays like large screens TVs, as well as for the naval sector, transport, communications, renewable energy, etc. The following configurations are available: screw, bayonet, or push-lock couplings, with contacts to seal or for PCB and which can carry up to 50A each, mixed power-signal solutions are also a production standard. There is also a specific series for data transmission, which avails of USB, RJ45, HDMI and D-Sub connections. It is possible to supply the cable harness complete, with cable also in co-moulded version.
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500 series (fino a 2A per contatto)
Large series (fino a 50A per contatto)
Middle series (fino a 20A per contatto)
Mini series (fino a 5A per contatto)
Standard series (fino a 10A per contatto)