Hermetic connectors

For the geophysical sector (but they can be used in all the most extreme ambient conditions), Ametek HCC Interconnect Technology, which we represent, produces QPL (Qualified Product Listed) hermetically sealed Military grade connectors. Circular and rectangular connectors, sealed high pressure and high temperature (HTHP) bulkheads, single feedthrough or multi-pin headers, produced also in PEEK. HCC also produces boots in Viton to connect with the range of single feed-throughs in PEEK. They are able to support pressure up to 45,000 PSI and temperatures from -198°C to +535°C
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6300-8100-8300 series
6400 series ESC10YE qualified
6700-6720 series ASD qualified
9700-9800-9900 series
Glass to metal sealed bulkhead
Highly engineered custom
MIL-DTL-5015 commercial equivalent
Multiple pin headers
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