Industrial automation


On a par with circular connectors, the range of RECTANGULAR CONNECTORS is vast and can cater to the most varied industrial applications.
For example, AirBorn, with its VerSi and MicroQUAD series, offers high quality high performance connection systems, developed for elevated bit-rate data transmission; Amphenol, with its modular Heavy|mate, provides sturdy connectors used on production machinery.
DDK, like Encitech, have equally valid products, widely used in the industry for producing cable harnesses or directly mounted on boards. SULLINS boasts a range of board-level plastic connectors which are difficult to equal, EUMAX offers many solutions for PLC, CNC, Servo Motors, etc. with an enviable quality price ratio.

AirBorn_MicroQuad series (Multi gigabit - MIL-DTL-83513 - LVDS signals)
Airborn_RC series (High Density - Stackable board to board)
AirBorn_VerSI series (1,27mm pitch - High Speed Signal Integrity - PCB and Flex mount)
Amphenol_HeavyMate series
Amphenol_HeavyMate series
DDK_DHF series (DHA half pitch-EMI shielded-D shaped shell)
DDK_DK-2000 series (2,5mm pitch - cable to cable & cable to board)
DDK_DK-3000 series (3,81-5,08mm pitch - cable to cable & cable to board)
DDK_DK-5000 series (10,16mm pitch - cable to cable & cable to board)
DDK_FRC2 series (MIL-DTL-83503 compliance - 10 to 60 contacts)
Encitech_D-Sub (crimp contacts)
Encitech_D-Sub (High Density solder cup)
Encitech_D-Sub (PCB contact-right angle)
Encitech_D-Sub (IDC-Flat cable 1,27mm pitch)
Encitech_D-Sub (90° SMD - tape & reel)
Encitech_D-Sub (Filtered 90° - 10.000pF as standard)
Encitech_Plastic Hood, straight (with thumbscrews and grommet set)
Encitech_Plastic Hood, angled (with thumbscrews and grommet set)
Encitech_Hood for Flat Cable (IDC connector)
Encitech_special hood
Encitech_Hard Metric - DIN 41612 -etc.)
Encitech_Modular series (Gigabit Combo)
Encitech_Modular series (Gigabit Multiport)
Encitech_Modular series (RJ45 plug - Cat6 - shielded)
Eumax_XDR series (plug - screw or latch type)
Eumax_XDR series (receptacle - screw or ground lock)
Eumax_XM-6P (servo signal)
Eumax_XM-10P (servo motor)
REC_Test System (plug mated with receptacle frame)
REC_Test System (plug module)
Sullins_Card Edge (from 1mm pitch - up to 250°C)
Sullins_Dual Edge (selective gold standard - 3A per contact)
Sullins_High Density Card Edge (1mm pitch - 3A per contact)
Sullins_Header and Shunt-Jump
Sullins_Wire to Board (from 0,8 to 7,92 mm pitch)
Sullins_High Power (up to 30A per contact - power + signal)
Sullins_custom solutions
Eumax_XDR Series
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