These connectors are typically used with coaxial cables and must first and foremost maintain the ability to insulate from electromagnetic interferences which the “coaxial” transmission of signals potentially offers. The best products also set themselves apart from the rest because they minimize impedance jumps along the line.
Our company produces the different series used in this sector (SMA, SMB, MMCX, BNC, etc.) cooperating with partners which also focus on quality at a competitive price

NQ Cable_SMA series (DC-18GHz)
NQ Cable_SMB series (50 and 75 ohm)
NQ Cables_BNC series (bayonet coupling)
NQ Cables_F series (RG-6U and RG-59U cables)
NQ Cables_MC-Card series (50ohm - snap on mating - DC to 6GHz)
NQ Cables_MCX (30% smaller than SMB - DC to 3GHz)
NQ Cables_N series (50ohm - DC to 11GHz)
NQ Cables_TNC series (thread coupling)
NQ Cables_MMCX series (for SMT and PCMCIA application)
NQ Cables_SSMB series (SMB small footprint)
NQ Cables_7#16 DIN series (designed for power level ofm 100W per channel )
NQ Cables_1.0-2.3 series (75ohm - ultra slim push pull coupling )
NQ Cables_UHF series (0,6-300MHz - low cost - variable impedance )
NQ Cables_QMA series (quick disconnect with SMA performances)
For this products PDF technical sheet is available Pls ask HERE
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